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This is the month when the small 1lb bass completely disappear; well they should do but if you are still catching sub 1lb bass the season has moved slightly right due to climate change. What should happen is the small bass vanish and the big ones appear more hungrier than ever. They will be looking to bulk up in Nov and they will still use as much energy as possible to smash your lures into smithereens. Not all lures will be effective but some will work much better than others especially if the weather is kind to us in November. As you've probably seen from all the pictures recently the squid will be in huge numbers especially inshore. We've even caught squid off the surface in November would you believe it. Bait fish will continue to flock to the estuaries and out on the coast garfish and mackerel will still show “if the tuna haven't decimated them by now”
The sea temp should drop to 14c and the sea will become more murkier therefore surface lures might not work as well in deep water on the coast, but in shallow waters such as estuaries they will continue to work still. Generally the shallower the better using surface lures.
In November we will always look to plan our fishing trips around the weather. If the weather is fair then use these pockets of good weather to venture out but please be careful as the weather can change in a flash and there is always another day if it turns bad. Ensure all your knots are spot on and check your line regularly as if there is a slight fault in your rig a big bass will expose that fault instantly.
Our advice is carry a selection of lures this time of year but what works best for us is paddletails. If you use a large paddle tail be prepared for your rod to be ripped out of your hands with a 5+ lb bass. Weighted either in the head for depth or weighted hooks to drag those bellies along the seabed in an estuary has worked best for us.

Paddletails Shads

4.5” Super Shads (The lure that outperforms everything catching huge Bass in November) 

The colour of the lure can make a huge difference. If the sea is murky then stick with the whites day and night, but if it's a clear day or night when the moon is bright and the water has some clarity to it we find black, green & brown colours work best. If they have a slight sparkle to them that's an added bonus also.

5” Senko


Don't be afraid to bounce these along the bottom as generally this is where the bass will be searching for food. Along the coast if the surf is clean and clear with loads of white water the bass will tend to smash anything with a tail regardless of what it looks like. Can't wait to get out when the weather is kind as this month could produce your PB you have been searching for all year. Tight lines and be safe. Hope this blog helps you catch that elusive 5+lb bass.

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