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August recommendations and tactics

This month the sea temperatures are at their highest all year reaching 19°C+ but this year they might even go higher. What does that mean to bass fishing you might ask? Sprat and whitebait arrive in huge numbers and chasing these are mackerel, scad and garfish. This month produces some of the best bass fishing we’ve experienced for number of fish caught but the size of bass might be on the smaller size. If you get settled conditions around a spring tide this will encourage bass to feed frantically. If you can target any areas with huge flowing tides including small bays these areas will fish well and the time to do this is dawn and dusk.

Most of the bass we have caught in August are caught on the surface, anything that replicates sprat and whitebait would be good choices or if you work a minnow fast this will also work well. Fast retrieve actions are key, zipping lures along the surface as a bait fish in distress. The nights will start to draw in which is a welcome relief as the Dawn and Dusk times are more sociable.

90mm Small Chap Surface Lure

100mm Flash Plate Surface Lure

125mm Surface Lure (Top Lure for August)

100mm Diving Minnow (Top minnow for August)

105mm Surface Lure

110mm Surface Skimmer

115mm Surface Lure

140mm Surface Lure


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