Bass Lures UK | June Blog
Bass Lures UK | June Blog

In June the water temperature has its biggest shift in warmth which means the mackerel will start to show and the Bass will follow. They then start chasing mackerel rather than concentrating just on sandeels and gobies. They will be more ferocious on takes but will also be cautious.

The sea temperature will increase up to 15c which is the biggest jump all year. In June the days also become longer so that means more fishing time for the day time lure fisherman. 

Our favourite time to fish in June is first thing in the morning. We call it the "3 O 'clock club" in Cornwall. This is such a peaceful time of the day and we find the bass are most active at this time and we share some beautiful sunrises together. 

A hot spell during June can create a very special occasion and we like to fish the Springs in June as they tend to produce better fish than the Neaps 

The other annoying thing about June is the weed. The strong currents rip them off the weed beds. Maybe have a few weedless lures in your bag also 🎣

Lure to use in June:

Hound Glide Style Lure 🎣

 Weedless Easy Shinner lure sets 

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