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Bass Lures UK | February "The Pause & Reflect Effect"

February is generally combined with January our quietest month and it's a time to consolidate and get ready for the season ahead. You might be thinking of getting into Bass Lure fishing and like ...
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Bass Lures UK | Best Fishing Times

We wanted to discuss the best times to fish and when you should go fishing to enhance your chances to catch Bass in 2023. We hear of many anglers complaining that they have blanked during neap tide...
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Bass Lures UK | Getting Too Close

Do we "all" just get too close when we fish using lures? I've been wanting to blog about this for a very long time because of what has happened to me recently and I feel it is very important to bl...
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Bass Lures UK | January Blog "The Wolf Moon"

The month of January has historically been a pretty tough month for lure fishing in Cornwall but it has never stopped us fishing when the weather gods have been kind to us. Generally the water temp...
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Bass Lures UK | December Blog

Bass Lures UK | Dec Blog Believe it or not we caught more 4lb + bass last year in December than any other month during 2021. All bass caught between 1st Dec and 28th February need to be returned a...
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