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Bass Lures UK | Blog "The Esturary"

We have blogged before regarding estuary fishing but we have spent the bulk of our time in estuaries this month. There is a saying when you are catching fish...
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Bass Lures UK | Lure Colour Blog (White)

Lure Colours Blog: We at Bass Lures UK stock a whole load of lure colours for our customers. These lures come in all shapes and sizes. Surface, Sub-surface, Deep Divers and soft hand made lure sets...
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Bass Lures UK | September recommendations and tactics "Sep = Bigger Bass"

In the past, we have always considered the bass season to get going properly in September with larger bass turning up on our shores. The nights will start to draw in and the sea temperature will ...
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Bass Lures UK | Estuary v Open Water Fishing

For the last 30 years, we have been searching for the perfect spot to fish at. Years ago I wouldn't have considered fishing in the river but have done recently as the stocks have been diminishe...
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Bass Lures UK / August recommendations and tactics

August recommendations and tactics This month the sea temperatures are at their highest that they will be all year reaching 19°C+ but this year they might even go higher. What does that mean to bas...
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