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In the past, we have always considered the bass season to get going properly in September with larger bass turning up on our shores. The nights will start to draw in and the sea temperature will start to get slightly cooler. Mackerel numbers will decrease but garfish will be in abundance which is why we are certain we see bluefin tuna in the SW. The bass along with the bluefin tuna will be feeding on the garfish in September. Our biggest bass has been caught historically in September so it's something to certainly get excited about. You will see pictures on social media of huge fish being caught in the month and you should all be very excited about it. When the fish are on the feed they will be in large numbers and you should catch more bass in September so try and get out as much as you can. Always remember that when the tide is moving so are the bass. They will swim with the tide so fish when it’s moving in and out. 

Beach/Rocks: Only go here if there is a swell and surf in the day time. If there isn't surf then fish these places at night. Generally, the larger bass will be underneath the smaller bass so use a shallow diving lure to pick out the bigger ones. Consider changing your speed of retrieve this month as they might be full up and sometimes a slower or faster retrieve might work better. A quiet spot during the day just also consider it might switch on at night with bass driving bait fish into coves and beaches. If at night use white!! 

Lures at night "Senko" White!! 
Lures in the daytime "Shallow divers" & "Large Surface Lures"
Estuary: If the weather is calm and nothing is going on out the beach then try the estuaries. The bait fish will try and find a safe haven within an estuary and push right up the river and the bass will follow in their droves. Don't forget that bass will use the tide to swim so on the incoming tide stick to the left-hand side of the river and if the tide is going out the bass will use the tide once again to swim out on the right hand side if your looking at the estuary from sea. 
Lures at night "Senko" once again white is the most popular color (work at different depths and speeds) 
Lures in the daytime "Paddletails"

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