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Bass Lures UK | Cornish Hand Made Senko Lures

Hand Made Cornish Senko Lures 

We have decided to delve into the world of making lures ourself. 

We prefer the pearl colour within the lure as this is the closest colour for bait fish in our waters. Some of the colours we can make to order:

We are now making our own lures and will customise the colours to ensure they work here in the UK and especially the South West. We will use them ourselves to ensure they work on our shores. 

We can make them to order and we are pretty happy with the results thus far. These particular lures we've made imitate a squid-like/razor fish motion when retrieving and there is just something that attracts bass to a lure like this.

They can be fished in several different ways:

On Top: Top of the water with a quick-ish retrieve. Almost fishing them like a surface lure with a walk the dog action lifting your rod at a 45-degree angle. Predators will attack from below. 

Mid Surface: Varying your retrieve to find the speed and depth the bass are in. Including a few twitches now and again. This will work well at night. 

Bottom: Letting the lure reach the bottom and “slowly” retrieving that lure as slow as you like. This is where we have found the lure to work best but in deeper the water you “must” allow time to sink. Almost dragging it along the bottom if you can get away with that. 

These are our 6“ Pearl White as they look very squidy/razorfish 

Also we have made the classic white colour with cornish sea salt added which are lethal at night and probably the closest you're going to get to a razorfish. 

We will sell them with 2 x hooks (Weighted or weightless) so you can clip them on your lure clip and fish away. 


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