4.5” Cornish Handmade Super Shad Lure Sets

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The tails are irresistible for bass in this Shad. It has a lovely thud action. 

You have to try and retrieve the lure to present it just skimming the sea/estuary bed in order for a hook up. It takes time and perseverance to get this right. The weight needs to be just enough and so does the retrieve.

This lure catches bass. On our first day of receipt of the new mold we quickly made a few white lures and took them out for a test. Within 30 mins we caught a 50cm & 65cm bass retrieving these lures very slowly along the bottom of an estuary in November. 

4.5” lure set (5 lures and the option of either a weighted or a weightless screw lock hook. 

Weightless 13g total weight

Weighted 17g total weight 

When you are not using the lures it is recommended that you take the hook out of the body of the lures and freshwater wash them to stop rusting/staining of the hooks/lures especially the white coloured lures.

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