Best Fishing Times for Bass Lure Fishing

We wanted to discuss the best times to fish and when you should go fishing to enhance your chances to catch Bass in 2024. We hear of many anglers complaining that they have blanked during neap tides. We are not saying that you can’t catch fish during neap tides, but we are saying that you can improve your chances if you select your fishing days. We will discuss fishing at the best times during the lunar cycle and also what days on that cycle are the best days to fish.

During a new or full moon, the tides are at their strongest. The height of the high tide starts to decrease after the full moon, reaching its lowest levels in the last quarter of the moon phase. The tides then increase again and reach their peak during the new moon. Periods of stronger water movement, at high and low tides, "usually" lead to more fish catches.

1. First question is which is better full moon or no moon?

A full moon plays havoc with fish during the daytime. Just like the lunar cycles affect the tides, they affect everything that lives within the water. Obviously its two completely different situations, one is in the dark and one is with the lights on. Bass tend to lay their eggs during a full moon and are less likely to be out looking for food so during the next few months Jan/Feb/March I would say the "no" moon would be the better option at night.

During the day with the increased water depth and the abundance of food, the larger fish swim inland to get their fill during the daytime on a "full moon". In addition, the full moon means the fish can see better and are more likely to feed.

"So, to clarify daytime for full moon & night-time for no or new moon."

2. Second question is when to go during larger tides? 

The best days to fish are the three days either side of the new moon, and the three days either side of the full moon. The worst time to fish is when the sun and moon are at right angles to each other. Since the sun and moon are not aligned, the gravitational forces cancel each other out leading to a neap tide.

The best times to fish are when bass are most active

During sunset and sunrise, an hour before and an hour after high tide, an hour before and an hour after low tide, During the rise and set of the moon, When the barometer is steady or on the rise, When the breeze is from the west, rather than the north or east

Lunar Calendar with Best Fishing Times

Pop these dates below into your calendar to improve your chances of catching Bass:

Month Best Fishing Days
For the year 2024
January 11-25
February 9-24
March 10-25
April 8-23
May 7-23
June 6-21
July 5-21
August 4-19
September 2-17
October 2-17
November 1-15
December 1-15, 30, 31


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In April and in November we caught our biggest bass of the season. The reason for this is that the bigger ones are the only ones around. The small bass will turn up when the mackerel start running and beat the bigger ones to the chase in the warmer months. However, the likelihood of catching in April reduces as there are minimal numbers but it’s always worth a go. If you’re not fishing you’re not catching. Hope that helps.

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Is it worth bass fishing in April or should I wait till the mackerel start running this is on the Norfolk coast

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