July Bass Lure Fishing Blog (Summer Fishing)

July has always been a very hit and miss month for us. As the sandeels slowly dwindle away the mackerel numbers increase, sprat and whitebait arrive later in the month so there is a variety of bait colours for bass to choose from so bear that in mind when picking lure colours. Sometimes we have been out fishing and the bass are absolutely smashing the mackerel but this only happens now and again so anything with a flash in it can be very effective. We do tend to try estuaries this time of the year as this always produces decent activity both on the surface and sub surface, however you will see a lot of green algae that grows quickly on the mudflats.

Sea temperature will remain at 16c with the average air temp 18-22c. If the weather conditions are settled the mackerel will chase the sprat closer to the shore but if its rough the whitebait will remain offshore.

So all in all we recommend trying new locations out especially estuaries both day and night. Try lots of different colours but anything either white or silver will work well both on the surface or sub-surface.

 Lure recommendations for July:







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