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The Estuary Lure fishing for Bass
We have spent the bulk of our time in estuaries this year. We have been experimenting with new plastics and are having good results with them. It has been a really good year for catching bass so far with some beautiful sunrises and sunsets and the fishing has been pretty consistant here in Cornwall. We have a few tips and recommendations to share with you to help you fish in the estuary. The bass vary in size and they have been mainly over 50cm on SP's and smaller off the top.
You will discover very quickly what sort of tide works best for your area.
We recommend fishing all parts of the tide day and night until you find the fish. eg: where we fish the outgoing tide fishes better than the incoming tide. Use white and black lures at night as these are the most sucessfull colours we find and when the moon shines anything sparkly also works well. We have caught 70% of our bass at night and 30% during the day. Never stay in the same spot for longer than 20 mins and cover as much ground as you can. Once you catch a fish move because you will spook anything that's close. When you are approaching the water be as quiet as you can because the bass are just feet away from you. Try your first cast stood out of the water and drag a soft lure through the weeds to see if anything is shallow before entering the water. If you have a set of waders then great but be "very" quiet entering the water and try not to spook any fish.
Never just cast out straight, always try and cast your lure into the flow so you are retrieving your lure with the flow of the tide. Sometimes this means casting sideways which might feel strange but once the bass sees the tail of the lure he will pounce rather than seeing your line first.

We mainly use soft plastics in an estuary and surface lures are a close second.

These soft plastic lures have worked very well for us in the estuary with either a weighted hook or a natural weightless hook. 

 4.5" Ribbed Shads (New)

J Shad Lure Sets


 The Estuary Combo


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