What a day lure fishing for bass on the surface.

It's been tough recently fishing in May but today was a fantastic day for topwater bass fishing. A red letter day with all the trimmings. After looking at the weather I decided to go out for a few hours as it was tipping down and thundering with an overcast sky and I thought to myself perfect (except thunder obviously). I like conditions like that because one, it's going to be quiet down the beach and two there wasn't much else to do as it was so wet. I had lunch, packed my gear up and went very light with only a few surface lures in my bag. I drove out to the beach and thought "Yes" this looks perfect. I started to walk down to the beach and I realised I wasn't dressed properly for a wet day.

I got soaked brushing past all the bushes. But it wasnt cold so I just went with it. 

As soon as I arrived the sea smelt fishy and I knew it would be good. Virtually no wind at all and a slight swell allowed me to get to the edge of the rocks casting into deepish water with a surface lure. My first location produced nothing so i persevered with lots of choices including a red gill evolution but with no luck.

So i decided to move to the right and i clipped on a small surface lure. Instantly hiding behind rocks the bass started smashing my 90mm surface lure in 500g colour. 

Loads of small bass were smashing the 90mm lures. Bass after bass but they were small. So I decided to switch to another lure and see what would happen and it produced a better stamp of bass. The bass below was a 52cm bass and was much better.

In the corner of my eye to the right about 100 yards out I noticed huge splashes on the surface so of course I ventured over to see what the commotion was all about. As I got closer I realised very quickly that there was huge fish "bass" smashing what seemed some sort of bait fish so I looked into my bag and pulled out a 125mm surface lure to see if I could get it out at a distance to reach those splashes. As soon as the lure hit the surface a decent bass walloped it without winding and started to take the line. I managed to get it in and it was 56cm on the nose, the fish went back and I had another cast. Bang once again. This continued for 30 minutes and I think I caught 30+ bass between 3-6lbs over that period. I didn't take any photos because it was mental and I just wanted to get the lure out there. It was one of those crazy half-hour spells when the bass were bang on the feed. What a day and what an afternoon. So glad I went out when the weather conditions were rubbish.

I did take one home for my BBQ tomorrow because there were so many. When I opened him up he had this inside him. 

What a day!!!!! Absolutely loved it. 

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