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Bass Lures UK | UK Bass Fishing Rules 2022

Bass may only be retained between 1st March and the end of November in each calendar year - Two Bass may be retained per person, per day within this period - Bass retained between these dates must...
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Bass Lures UK | Our top 5 lures

Our best lures that we have caught the most Bass with are:   1. Patchinko 125mm Style (Summer) Patchinko 105mm Patchinko 140mm 2. Hound Glide 125 Style (Fished all year round) 3. OSP DoLive S...
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Bass Lures UK | Is it better to fish with bait or lures?

A very popular question amongst anglers across the disciplines is what’s the best baiting choice: Real bait or artificial lures? For predator and sea fishing in particular, it can really be a toug...
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Bass Lures UK | What are the different types of fishing lures?

LURES: Made to attract a fish’s attention and get a bite, the lure is the major gateway between making a catch or leaving you empty-handed. Artificial lures replace live bait that is often perisha...
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Bass Lures UK | The Five Best Fishing Lures of All Time

We have a good selection in our online store but we would have 1 of each of these as a minimum in your lure box/bag. 1. Patchinko (Surface lure best used on the summer when the bait fish are aroun...
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