Small Creature Bait Bass Lures & Sets

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Technique: Fish them with light shakes, a drag along the bottom or erratic hops. We have caught bass doing nothing at all. If you can see a bass, cast, wait.…. then nudge slightly. Regardless of your technique, these designs will deliver new ideas for bottom feeding bass. They have opened up our minds especially in the winter for lure fishing for bass.

The 3” weighted craws are sold as singles and have weight (18g) in them. They have a hook hidden inside the body

The 4” creature bait sets are a great addition to your soft plastic collection. We have added crab scent to our 4” Claws. 

They come in packs of 4 with a weighted 5g weedless 3/0 hook so you can go straight out and fish for bass. 

The they have hollow claws so if stationary they will float upwards. 

In total, they weigh 18g with the hook and weight. 


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