Bass Lures UK | Lure Colour Blog (White)
Bass Lures UK | Lure Colour Blog (White)

Lure Colours Blog:

We at Bass Lures UK stock a whole load of lure colours for our customers. These lures come in all shapes and sizes. Surface, Sub-surface, Deep Divers and soft hand made lure sets. For the daytime it’s just a case of selecting different lures and colours and sticking to one that works. If it works, why would you change it? “Then don’t” Our best days have consisted of moving until you find something the bass like the look of. If they are there, then you will know instantly. Don’t stay in one spot for too long if it is quiet. Try and match the hatch as best as possible but you will discover what colours work well in your areas over time. Different colours work in different parts of the country. Just because a bass is caught in Kent on a silver-coloured lure doesn’t mean its going to work in South Wales. You need to get out and discover the different colours that will work in your areas.

Night: What we would like to talk about is colours especially at night. You may ask yourself how would a bass see a lure at night? It might hear it but surely it wouldn’t see it if its pitch black. Well, that’s not exactly true. The moon plays a big factor in fishing at night. The moon acts like a floodlight so certain colours (white, pearl white, brown, green & black) would be seen better at night with moon coverage. If the moon is shinning bright then most colours would work but generally certain colours at night would work better but this is only when the moon is full and there is no cloud cover which is hardly ever so we need to figure out technique and colours that will work around this. The answer is “White” generally or colours very similar to white like “Pearl White” when the moon isn’t quite as bright works very well. For some reason when the moon light hits the water it allows the white lure to glow and it will enhance the lure and make it so effective. This is why white lures are very popular as more people are fishing at night because lets face it, The bass will venture nearer to our shores under the cover of darkness. Other colours that might also work at night are Green, Brown & Black. 

White Surface Lures:

Small White

Medium White

Large White


Large Popper

White Handmade Lures:

Thin Senko Sets

Large Senko Sets

Large Senko Weighted Sets


DoLive Sets

DoLive Weighted Sets

Paddletails Sets

Easy Shinner Sets


White Sub-Surface Lures. We are very excited to announce that we have 5 of our most popular hard lures being designed and made over the next few months. As soon as they are delivered, we will promote on our social media sites and website.

This is a sneak peak of our new “White” Hound Glide Style 

New Shads:

UV: The other option is UV at night. This is an unknown quantity and can certainly help on some occasion. As soon as you use UV lures then different type of fish will be interested in it including pollock.

UV Lures:

UV Deep Divers

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