Do bass like bright lures?


If only i could pull my bright lure through the hole slow enough for the bass to see it then ....... Bang. 

I knew that at the right speed and colour, the fish couldn't resist. This one was 57cm and gave a good fight in close but I managed to get it in for a pic. We have had loads of success with this colour this year already. Nothing in the sea looks like this but we are sure that the bright colour draws their attention to bite. There are times when natural colours work best but the proof is in the catching and we have caught more bass on bright and white lures this year than any other colour so far. That might change as the bait fish colours change but for now bright is best in Cornwall. 


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Geoffrey Martin Wykes

If the truth is known, not that I’m a marine biologist just a keen lure fisherman,if what I’ve been lead to believe is true they see ingres scale,
so a lemonback,pink,blue or white/pearl are very similar just slight difference in tone,think it’s more down to profile,conditions and abundance of bait,whether its sandeel,sprat mackerel etc 🤔

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