Getting too close to Bass when Lure Fishing

Do we "all" just get too close when we fish using lures?

I've been wanting to blog about this for a very long time because of what has happened to me recently and I feel it is very important to blog about it. Over recent months I have missed so many bass by spooking them in shallow water. Whether it is me wading through mud in an estuary or standing in the surf I have realised that I am getting way too close to the fish and ultimately I'm spooking them all away and especially the bigger fish.


I have lost count of the number of times I have heard a swoosh or a swirl either beside me or recently behind me. I'm not talking about being waist-deep either. I talking about being just a couple of feet deep and hearing swoosh behind me. Why would being in 2 feet of water make any difference I hear you say? Well, it is simple really. Where is the food that they are searching for? I used to walk out past all the weed to cast into clearer water so my lure didn't get snagged but now realise the bass are all in that snaggy weedy water I should be dragging my lure through rather than me standing in it. Ask yourself that question next time you venture out. There is a saying that they are under your feet so knowing this you should really consider how and where you stand when you lure fish. 


In the surf most bass are only 5-20 yards out and even possibly closer so having a lure that can cast miles is not really necessary. I've caught most of my bass in the surf in the first few waves and not the ones right out the back. 


It is more important to concentrate on the final stages of your retrieve and even slow down your retrieve towards the end rather than bombing your lures out for miles. I've lost count of how many bass I have caught when I am just about to lift my lure out of the water.

Head Torches:

The same also goes for using a head torch at night. I used to think that bass couldn't see red light but I know for a fact that they can as I've spooked many a bass when I've turned on my head torch using a red light. If the dim red light spooks bass what do you think a white bright light would do? 


I own a lovely set of breathable sock waders and a jacket which cost me a small fortune but I've stopped wearing them to force myself to stop venturing into the water. I won't even wear wellies now unless I'm in an estuary so that stops me from even dipping my toes in the water.

Our advice is to stay out of the water if you can and really consider your movements and think how you might be spooking that bass that is potentially under your feet. Even consider the sun during the daytime and the shadow you are making and the same goes with the moon also. Leave the head torches at home if you can. 


Marcus Hartley

Have thought about what you’ve written for a long time myself have often thought people seem to wade about a bit to much and scare the fish a fair bit

Martin Powell

Thank you
Certainly something to think about


Totally agree with what you say
Wading out
I fish low water rock marks and have to wade to get pass some really snaggy areas and get into 2ft+ of water

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