Is it better to fish for Bass with bait or lures?


A very popular question amongst anglers across the disciplines is what’s the best baiting choice: Real bait or artificial lures? For predator and sea fishing in particular, it can really be a tough decision as there is no one-size-fits all answer!

The Benefits of Fishing with Lures

After establishing what lures are and the different types, why do anglers choose them over baits?


Unlike most fresh and deadbaits, lures are a one-time purchase with plenty of uses in them (if you use the right type with the right fish).


If you are not a fan of the blood and guts that comes with using deadbaits for predator fishing, lures are an instant tick. Lures are also less dirty and smelly, so great for newcomers!


For those that don’t have time to catch or purchase live baits, having a range of lures in your tackle box can still get you some bites.


Lures don’t require special storage like fresh baits that need to be kept cool and contained in bait boxes. A lure can be easy to access for this reason.


If you are a bit of a collector, having a lure and fly collection is certainly more fun than a favourite bait but be warned, it gets addictive!

Big Wins 

The use of large fish shapes lures can lead to bigger catches and fewer nuisance fish in the net.

Fish Care 

Due to the size of the lure, deep hooking is a rarity so your target fish are safer and much easier to release.

Bait Fish Population 

A fake bait means less demand for bait fish and therefore giving baitfish on low numbers a chance to grow in population.


Due to its movement and mechanics, lures tend to cover more water in less time, adding more catching potential.


With all the colours, imitations, and often sparkle, lures are great fun for all anglers, especially junior ones!

 Weedless Lure Sets




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