June Bass Lure Fishing Blog (Water Temp Increases)

In June the water temperature has its biggest shift in warmth which means the mackerel will show and the bass will follow. They then start chasing mackerel rather than concentrating just on crabs, sandeels and gobies. The Bass will be more ferocious on takes but will also be cautious as always. They generally try and ambush bait fish from behind clumps of weed and obstructions in the sea. Try and cast your lures near areas where bass might be lurking rather than a straight cast and retrieve into baron ground. They swim with the tide also so cast your lure towards the way that the tide is flowing because that way the bass will see the rear of your lure rather than your line first. 

The sea temperature will increase up to 15c which is the biggest jump all year. In June the days become longer also so that means more fishing time for the day time lure fisherman. 

Our favourite time to fish in June is first light. It's such a peaceful time of the day and we find the bass are most active at this time switching from night mode to day mode and we all share some beautiful sunrises together. 

A hot spell during June can create a very special occasion and we like to fish the springs in June on the open coastline as they tend to produce better fish and stick to the estuaries during the smaller tides. 

The other annoying thing about June is the weed on the open coastline. The strong currents rip them off the weed beds and sometimes make the coastline unfishable. Maybe have a few weedless lures in your bag and have an alternative if this is the case. 

Our recommended Lures to use in June:

Shallow Diving Lure


Large Shallow Diving Tackle Lure

Medium Shallow Diving Lure 

Medium Shallow Diving Lure 

 Large Shallow Diving Lure 

Weighted Sandeel Bass Lure

Small Topwater Surface Lure

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