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Generally, in March it depends on what the water temperature is. If it has been a mild winter then the sea temperature might be above 11c which will encourage bass to come closer to snack on small fish. As long as the sea clarity is good, you have a great chance of capturing something really close to the shore. The strength of that sun warming up the sea will help with the movement in the water of smelt and fry especially in darkness. Our experience dictates that with our 6" Cornish Handmade Lures with a weighted or weightless hook works really well in March. 


Also our 5" version lures can be fished at any point in the tide but around low tide is recommended as there is just something about that tide that's appealing to a bass. The first hour or two of the flood tide just after low is also a great time. The bass are just sat in gullys or in and amongst weeds waiting for the tide to come over their heads and small fish to start moving. The bass are on the hunt as soon as that tide starts pushing for anything that moves. We stock lots of colours and it's worth chopping and changing to see what colour works best. All you need to do is swim something that matches what they are eating in front of them and they will pounce it. 


You can fish our lures in 1 ft of water at a medium to slow speed with a couple of twitches to lure bass in. We also like the retrieve and “pause” action. Sometimes on the 1-4 sec pause you will get a knock or a massive take and you will know about it. The key is to change the colour as much as you can and cover as much ground as possible but take a look in the water and see if you can mimic a colour that you can see. We have had so many swirls of bass attacking these lures in shallow water but we do cover as much ground as we can. The bass are generally right under your feet but you must explore to ensure every spot is covered.

Try rock hopping along the coast searching for a nice gully or two to present these lures in front of the bass eyes. Or moving along the estuary not staying in one spot too long. A good set of waders are a great investment for this to stop you from getting wet but please don't go in too far as you might scare them away. Think like a bass, where would I put myself if I was a bass on the hunt for food? In March they will do as little as possible for a snack so its far easier to just sit behind some cover and let the food come to you rather than wasting energy hunting for small fish that's just not there.  


We have many colours in this style with a weighted or weightless hook supplied as a set so all you have to do is clip on the lure and away you go. 

White (Best Seller by a Cornish Mile!!) We can only put it down to the fact that visually these can be seen better and with their little tail wagging from time to time what's not to like? Try them at night also. They work a treat. 

white style sticks work so well at night. 

Pearl White are also a good seller. The colour is a bit more realistic and has lots of glitter and colour-shifting magic in them. These sparkle 🌟 

Smoke shell  is a colour we always have in our bag. Something about the colour in this lure that look great, especially in clear water. Once again we add colour-shifting magic to these. 

These black & blue flake   work very well at night when there is a decent glow from the moon. The moon can be like a floodlight if bright enough at night. 

Young Sandeel is ca olour that is very realistic to what they are actually hunting for. These work well in March. 

Pink weirdly are another good colour that work well. We can only put it down to being able to see them just like the white version. Use this colour if the water is murky.

Or how about our Chartreuse colour. These shimmer in the sunlight and are stunning but can also be used in murky water.

Smoke n Glitter

Brown Glitter

Whats not to like about this clear sight colour. These work so well all year round as you can imagine. 

We will post every month to recommend what lure to use, where and when to use them. 

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Fantastic advice! Understanding water temperature and bass behavior is crucial for successful fishing. Your detailed lure recommendations for different conditions are incredibly helpful. Looking forward to your monthly updates! Tight lines indeed! You can visit :


Serious bass candy!


Love the look of those!
Having the colour options too is a massive bonus especially this time of year when clarity isn’t guaranteed.

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