Bass Lures UK | May "Into the Darkness "

In May:

Things start to change and move. Sandeels are abundant on the open coast and inside estuaries. Bass will follow those sandeels into esturies and they will be of all sizes. Mackerel numbers increase weekly and when the mackerel start to chase the bait fish the bass will notice. 

If the weather heats up for prolonged spells the Bass will suddenly start hitting the surface lures with venum. However.... the real change unknown to most anglers is at night a switch turns on and changes the whole dynamic to fishing. Yes we mention at night and yes most of you will be asleep when the real action starts to take shape but if you're not in it you wont win it. 

We are not talking about 2/3/4 O'clock in the morning because that would really mess with our sleep patterns but some will be rewarded if they do. No we are talking about when it gets dark and staying out just that little bit longer than you would normally. We have stayed down fishing after it gets dark quite a few times but in the past few years that time in the dark extends for an hour or two. 

So you are probably wondering okay where? Well we are talking about where those sandeels are likely to be, in and around the sand taking cover from predators. What we try and do is replicate that with lures that might represent those motions of sandeels especially at low tide on the beach. Either that or over reefs and esturies 2 hours either side of high tide using similar tactics. 

May can produce some real big fish due to the migration patterns so ensure your knots are tied well and your drag is nice and loose. 

Lures to help you in May:

Daylight in choppy waters (Coast)

Hard Diving Minnow 100m 11g

Daylight (Calmer waters) 

Small Surface lures 105mm 11g

Darkness (Reefs, Rocks)

Senko Lure Sets

Darkness (Beaches) Let them drop and drag them along the sand. Watch the bass snatch them. 

Small Handmade Paddletails

Small Sleeper Lures



Tight Lines & Good Luck

Bass Lures UK

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