Seadra Aqua-Bullet Bait Fish Casting Bass Jig

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The Seadra Aqua-Bullet Bait Fish is an ultra-long casting jig which is designed for fishing from the shore or boat.

The Slim profile gives it the perfect bait fish look and this combined with the natural 3D holographic finish gives the lure an amazing look in the water.

The Seadra Aqua-Bullet is designed to cast well and fall quickly through the water to reach the fish. Despite the relative fast sink rate, the lure flutters attractively on the fall.

The Seadra Aqua-Bullet is easy to use and from the shore a classic ‘sink and draw’ retrieve is good and takes often come on the drop or when the lure first starts to move again.

On the boat the Seadra Aqua-Bullet is very effect when fished vertically as a mini jig. It flutters very attractively on the fall and takes normally come as the lure starts to drop after you have lifted it up from the sea bed. it can also be cast and retrieved allowing you to quickly react should you see a shoal of fish chasing bait at the surface.

The Seadra Aqua-Bullet is supplied rigged with both a super sharp Japanese assist and a treble hook. You can either leave both in place or remove one or the other to give you your preferred style of rigging.

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