What are the different types of Bass fishing lures?


Made to attract a fish’s attention and get a bite, the lure is the major gateway between making a catch or leaving you empty-handed. Artificial lures replace live bait that is often perishable, difficult to find, or expensive to obtain and attempt to mimic what bass eat in their natural habitat.

What might be more challenging, however, given the different types of fishing lures available, is knowing exactly which type to use.

The best way to get started is to recognise the most common types, how they differ, and when you might use them. Having the most appropriate lure for your needs is the best way to help fine-tune your fishing.

1. Hard Plastic Lures (Mainly in the day time)

Examples: Deep Diving , Shallow Diving , Surface

2. Soft Lures (Used mainly in close and at night)

Examples: Paddletail Weighted Hooks , Senko , Sprat

3. Metal Lures (For casting far out and in the surf)


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