Bass Lure Single Inline Replacement Hooks

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Single inline hooks are replacement single hooks for use on lures as an alternative to treble hooks. Many reasons to use singles, most importantly though is they are far better on the fish if the fish is to be released because of size or simply the angler prefers that style of fishing.

Trebles can also be dangerous for the angler. I have had a treble in many parts of my hands in the past and it is not nice at all especially when the bass is fighting to get away. We find bigger bass stay connected slightly better on average with singles.

Some lures are designed to work with trebles and can have a better action if left with trebles, sometimes a treble in the middle and a single at the back will keep the action working well.

All our single hooks feature a saltwater resistant finish and large inline eye that sits correctly on the split ring. 

A super sharp hook point, neat barb and strong forged bend compliment the standard length hook shank

For Medium/Large Lures 2/0 (6 pack)
For Small/Medium Lures 1/0 (8 pack)
For Small Lures #1 (10 pack)

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