BASS Measuring Tape MK II

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We have teamed up with the Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society to sell their very popular and educational bass measuring tape. It has a wonderful length-to-weight conversion measure for European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) to allow you to know how much a bass would weigh with only a lightweight tape in your pocket. 

The BASS measuring tape MK II is made using the same material as the original but is 5mm wider and produced using a slightly heavier grade of Tyvek such that it is even more robust.

On one edge are the measuring increments (in centimetres) and on the opposing edge the length-to-weight calculations (in lbs and ozs). Whether you retain the occasional bass for the table (above the minimum size limit) or release all your catch, the tape allows you to measure your bass and be able to read off a scientifically calculated weight from the length measurement. To obtain the most accurate reading from the tape, you should measure the total length i.e. measure from the nose of the bass to the end of the flattened down (and closed) tail.

The tape is made of a product called Tyvek and can be crumpled up and shoved in your pocket with no ill effects (to you or the tape!). Due to the nature of the material it is tear-resistant, rot-proof, water-proof – in fact, it appears near enough indestructible (so ideal for a saltwater environment). It also does not stretch.

The tape is not only useful to bass anglers. As many angling competitions are currently run to the total length of fish caught this measuring tape would prove invaluable to all anglers for measuring their catch. (NB – the length-to-weight calculation is only applicable for European sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax).

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