Red Gill Vibro Shad Bass Lures 130mm 22g (3 Pack)

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Red Gill Vibro Shad are a slim profiled internally weighted lure with a large paddle tail, glass rattle and a deep ribbed body.

These features combine to give maximum vibrations and the ultra-realistic action of the Red Gill Vibro Shad make it an awesome catcher of Bass, Pollock and Cod.

The lure bodies are made from Red Gills super tough (ST) material and rigged with Mustad hooks, giving them a longer life span than most other soft baits on the market.

The internal weighting gives the Red Gill Vibro Shad a natural swimming action and the slim tail, large paddle combination gives a great action, even at slow speeds. The deep ribbed body and glass rattle add further vibration to help draw the fish to the lure

These lures are deadly for bass but will also catch plenty of pollack and other species.

3 Lures per pack

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