Saltwater Flies (Bass, Sea Trout & Mullet)

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These are designed to either use on a fly rod for Bass & Mullet or use as a top flier on a clip ahead of your hard or soft plastic lure. Sometimes the bass go for the lure at the rear but occasionally they go for the easy prey at the front (the flier) or “both” 

These flies have been designed by Terry Clease and us with the colours that we know will work in and around the UK coast. 


100 years ago, the ex-pats/colonists, who established the Kenya tea plantations stocked the local rivers with trout so that they could fly fish for them. Then they taught the tea workers how tie flies so they didn’t have to tie them themselves. That progressed into sending flies back to their friends in UK which ultimately created a nucleus of skilled fly tyers who also worked on the plantations. That was passed down the generations and eventually became commercial enterprises that we use today. 

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