Seadra Chasin’ SW Shallow Diving Bass Lure 125mm 19g

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The Seadra Chasin' SW shallow diving lure embodies the classic floating-diving design perfectly and represents the perfect minnow imitation to lure bass, pollack, wrasse and other species found just below the water's surface. Trialled on the south coast of England, the lip size and angle was carefully considered to ensure that the lure would dive to the perfect depth on the retrieve and create an alluring swimming action in the process that would appeal to many predatory species. A super resilient finish compliments the Chasin' SW and its armour is completed with a pair of razor sharp Owner hooks.

 (New Product 2024) 

  • Classic minnow design.
  • Shallow diver
  • Sleek darting action
  • Dives to approx 40cm in trials
  • Resilient finish for longevity
  • Attractive patterns
  • Owner hooks #4 & #2

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