Seadra Slow Aqua-Drop Bass Lure Boat Jig (Slowey Joey)

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Seadra Aqua-Drop Slowey Joey has been extensively used in the vast waters of the English Channel, from wreck to reef and everything else in-between, the Seadra Aqua-Drop Slow Jig lures and Aqua-Drop Slowey Joey lures have accounted for hundreds of bass with many exceeding double figures in weight. The Slowey Joey features a real life 3D effect that looks irresistible in the water.
The Aqua Drop’s unique and seductive movement has proved irresistible when fished in traditional sink and draw fashion, but it’s the lure’s tantalising tumble as it drops defiantly through the depths that has proved to be the downfall of many fish, time and time again. Armed with outstandingly sharp heavy gauge wire assist hooks that really take hold, the Seadra Aqua Drop will hold your catch all the way to the waiting net.

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