Seadra Surface Surf Bass Launcer

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The Seadra Surface LaunceR is a floating needle lure which works on or fractionally below the water surface. The slim tapered profile and internal weighting gives exceptional long casting and helps when trying to punch the lure into a headwind.

The weighting system balances the Seadra Surface LaunceR so that it sits horizontally level on the surface at rest.

The Seadra Surface LaunceR is a very engaging lure to work and responds really well to a variety of different retrieves. A slow walk the dog retrieve with rod twitches can make it twitch and glide on the surface whilst a faster retrieve induces an erratic action and also gets the lure dipping and popping on and just below the surface. A very slow retrieve at night can lead to some savage takes and as always the pause is also a deadly addition as with the lure sitting in a natural horizontal position bass will confidentially hit the Seadra Surface LaunceR whilst it is stationary

The finishes have been specifically selected for UK bass fishing and the lure comes fitted with two super sharp Japanese saltwater trebles, a size 2 on the tail and a size 4 in the middle. The reason behind the smaller treble in the middle is that sometimes larger trebles can turn up mid-cast and stick to the back of the lure, resulting in unbalaced action and negative hooks ups.

Built in rattles are set between the hooks to create a target point.

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