Seadra Wobbla 110 Sub-Surface Bass Lure 14g

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The Seadra Wobbla 110 features a ninety degree rolling action which reveals the lure's flanks as it is retrieved. It can be worked across the surface or just below it to a depth of around 10cm- the perfect strike zone for bass and other species to be patrolling, particularly on the light change. 

The lures bib was revised several times over to achieve the desired action and was extensively trialled on the south coast of the UK. A super resilient finish compliments the Wobbla and its armour is completed with a pair of razor sharp Owner hooks.

Bass, pollack, wrasse, mackerel and more were landed with the Wobbla during sea trials.

 (New Product 2024) 

  • Wiggling, wobbling action
  • Seductively lures fish in
  • 90 degree rolling action
  • Dives to 10cm in trials
  • Resilient finish for longevity
  • Attractive patterns
  • Owner hooks #4 & #2

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